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Alexandre Picciotto is a French designer who lives and works in Paris. He graduated in 2016 from the famous ︎ ENSAAMA school of design in Paris, where he obtained his four-year degree in Industrial Creation (DSAA en Création Industrielle). He then joined the prestigious École Cantonale d’Art of Lausanne (︎ ECAL). His studies took him to London and Paris where he did an internship with ︎ Samuel Wilkinson and ︎ Pauline Deltour before obtaining his ECAL Masters in Product Design in the summer of 2018.

Today, on top of his assistant position at ︎ Joachim Jirou-Najou studio, Alexandre Picciotto started his own line of products. His works have been exhibited and published many times over the past few years (Dezeen, Intramuros, DomusWeb, V&A Museum, Ventura Future, Vitra Museum…).

In each and every project, Alexandre Picciotto allows us to see a calm, direct and honest design that will willingly back up emerging technologies. One of the aspects that could best describe his work is how he combines ‘’futuristic’’ technologies with our contemporary environment in order to incorporate them formally to our current surroundings. However, in each object this seeming relatedness hides a surprising equilibrium between poetry and functionalism. Two notions seemingly incompatible but which can, when carefully adjusted, give way to most touching results. This approach holds a pleasing aspect, it is the representation of a future deeply well thought-out and exquisitely lyrical. An horyzon where form rhymes with function, but also with much more.

Words by Kévin Anthoine-Milhomme

Alexandre Picciotto
59, rue Traversière
75012, Paris

Mobil : + 33 (0) 613 86 95 21

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Photo Credits goes to Calypso Mahieu, Younès Klouche, Thomas Missé, Kohei Kojima, Alexandre Picciotto.

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