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Alexandre Picciotto

e-CAL 1020

The swiss technology company ︎ Punkt. invited écal to create an e-bike, specific to the needs and opportunities found in the city where students are studying. Under the guidance of Thilo Alex Brunner, Head of the programme, six Master Product Design students present e-CAL 1020, a plug-and-play electrical engine, which transforms your personal bicycle into an e-bike. Travelling Lausanne means short distances but steep hills. This retro-fit motor harvests downhill brakiNg energy that would otherwise be wAsted as heat, and stores it ready to send back to the wheel the moment it is needed. It is solely recharged by human effort using a generator similar to KERS (Kinetic Energy Recovery System), a technology used in Formula 1.

Group project : J.Reuter, J.H.Park, K.Kojima, S.Maluska, O.Estrada, A.Picciotto.

Alexandre Picciotto

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