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Alexandre Picciotto

Dot Dot Dot

Inspired by the most common protection system, the bubble wrap, Dot Dot Dot bring this protection in roll-top backpack by some natural and sustainable materials. Using a new sustainable and water-repellent CottonShell® on the outside layer its content stays dry and protect against the daily choc with the inner merino felt padding. Every piece of the bag is necessary, reducing its element to the simplest. It’s made of one piece of CottonShell® and four pieces of natural felt in order to allow pressing in one time to create the padding. This bag having only one sewing line to shape the structure, its bottom is dipped in natural latex, reinforcing the part most vulnerable to abrasion and deformation.

Project designed with ︎ Thomas Missé for ︎ Qwstion

Alexandre Picciotto

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